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What is Mitragyna Speciosa? Mitragyna Speciosa also known as Kratom, is planting indigenous to the Thailand region and grows in Southeast Asia. In The United states and Canada, it is more commonly known as Kratom. Kratom is a plant part of the Rubiaceae family. The Rubiaceae Family is mostly known for also including the Coffee plant. However, this website is not about Coffee. This website is about Kratom and in this introduction we will teach you about the positive, negative and medicinal benefits of this wonderful plant.

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How does Kratom Work?

go to link Many people familiar with herbs and natural medicine are well aware of the powerful effects of the medicinal drug we call kratom. It has been used for many years for a number of different reasons. Most notably it is known for helping to alleviate pain and is a perfect alternative to hard prescription narcotics. Kratom is a painkiller and acts as a μ-opioid receptor agonist which helps block the body’s pain signals.

купить Гера Клин Many synthetic u-opioid agonists like Morphine come with a long range of side effects. Extended use can lead to irreversible liver damage as well as a handful of other unwanted side effects and serious drug addictions. Kratom does have some side effects but they are minor especially in comparison to other synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. Not to mention there has not been a single case in where somebody has died from the use of Kratom alone (even though media will try to argue this).

Side-Effects vs Pharmaceuticals Kratom is not without side effects. It can cause addiction and tolerance however it is considered to have a much lower risk than its pharmaceutical counterparts. Many people would prefer to take something natural to alleviate their pain symptoms as opposed to a synthetic drug. Even though kratom has limited side effects and has not killed a single person on its own, the media will continue to tarnish its name. Thousands of people are using this plant worldwide in place of synthetic pain medications. Most of the people aren’t using this herb to get high and you can see some real success stories from regular people here.

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source Side effects may include things mentioned below. It is important to remember most prescribed opioids have all these side effects and more. What is worse, is you can add death and addiction both high up on the list when using man-made drugs. Hundreds of thousands of people die yearly from prescription narcotic overdoses and many families are left controlled by a family members dependence on them both financially and emotionally.

  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Loss of Libido
  • Weight Loss
  • Skin Reactions & Allergic Reactions
  • Addiction

Kratom as a Natural Alternative to Prescription Drugs

enter First off, we want to advise you that you should not discontinue a medication without professional advice from a doctor. Although it might seem like a suitable replacement for some drugs, it should not be used or combined without first consulting a doctor. All the statements used on this website are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional advice.

source Kratom might be an alternative to SSRIs, Benzodiazepines, and other antidepressants. Many report feeling much better when using kratom. Although it comes in many different strains and variations. Some strains are better for feeling euphoric while others are better for pain relief. With this said, kratom might not be the most suitable replacement as an everyday anti-depressant due to tolerance and addictive potential. On the other hand, common pharmaceutical antidepressants have their own long list of side effects and have been shown in some studies to be no more effective than placebo. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry is making billions of dollars annually from these drugs which are approved by the FDA – the same government agency that is trying to ban kratom.

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Альфа Лайф As stated previously, if you are currently taking any prescription painkillers (or find yourself buying naproxen or Tylenol on a regular basis) Kratom might be worth a shot under a doctor’s advice; it’s inexpensive and effective for many people. Maybe it’s time to end the stigma behind this and its use to get people “high” as a majority of its users are productive members of society simply looking for an alternative to their synthetic pain pill battle. Wouldn’t you prefer to take something natural over a man-made substance if it worked?

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как правильно принимать лсд Think of it of like GMOs, if somebody was given the option of eating a piece of food that was modified and had a bunch of chemicals in it to make it grow bigger or, had the option of eating a naturally grown piece of food that was able to sustain on its own without intervention the choice would be obvious. Except, in this case, kratom is not like choosing cheaper preservative-laden food but rather, an even cheaper effective option to the unnatural route. Patients are choosing the synthetic more dangerous route because this is how their doctors are taught in school (not their fault). They see “natural” as ineffective because the pharmaceutical industry cannot patent a natural substance and profit from it so they don’t sink money into funding the proper studies.


Купить закладки спайс россыпь в Никольске In fact, most prescription drugs are created from natural substances that are modified so that the Pharma companies can secure multi-million dollar patents on them. The Pharma industry cannot patent kratom or its natural alkaloids and, therefore, it can certainly be assumed that it is seen as a threat to them. In the end, the Pharma industry has no interest in studying kratom and never will. Most of the studies involving the analgesic effects of the plant have been privately funded.

Psilocybe в Тайге Of course, kratom will never be advertised as the pharmaceutical companies are not looking to support their competition. It is even possible that the Pharma industry is intentionally funding negative media on the plant. The sad thing is that once this medicinal herb is banned it is likely gone FOREVER meaning chronic pain sufferers and opioid drug addicts will have to go back to their expensive and dangerous synthetic drug options.

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Is Kratom Legal?

Визуальные закладки для тора Kratom is illegal in Thailand but for dubious reasons so don’t jump to conclusions. It was banned because the government was losing profits on opium taxes as people were switching to a more natural and freely available substitute to combat their addictions. I will write an article that talks more about that later. For now, Kratom is legal in Canada and the United States as well as many other countries.


Legality in the USA

Only 4 The United States is looking to ban kratom because the FDA says it is “harmful” and has a “high risk for abuse”. While anybody that has any knowledge about Kratom can tell you, it is a safer alternative to the “FDA approved” prescription narcotics that kill thousands yearly. Many innocent people that were prescribed these FDA approved pain pills got addicted and in turn, have OD’d. Essentially, these pills have ruined lives and now the FDA and many state governments are trying to take away a natural alternative by giving it an unfair title. Some have suggested this is a conspiracy and the FDA is doing this so the pharmaceutical industry does not lose profits.

Сосновка купить кокс So far legislation against kratom has passed in several states. In other states, battles against this herb have been won by several advocacy groups (such as the Botanical Defence League). There are some more pending battles and certainly more to come. The best site to see current legislation in the USA is this website which seems to keep up-to-date information.

Чердынь купить cocaine As of this writing, kratom is currently banned in the following states meaning distribution and possession is illegal:

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  • Indiana
  • Tennessee
  • Wisconsin
  • Vermont It’s common sense that the government would want to criminalise Kratom because, well, who are we fooling, money runs the world, and Pharma companies have an unlimited amount. (That doesn’t mean that they have enough money because they will never have enough money, they want this money train to run forever, and anything that gets in the way and poses as threat will be stopped!) Although I’ve mainly discussed the mere benefits of using kratom as opposed to prescription medication are now now going to talk about the recreational use of this plant. Kratom is a plant. It grows in Southeast Asia as a leaf. So out here in North America you will most likely be getting your product dried; either in capsule, powder, extract or raw leaf form.

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How Does Taking Kratom Make You Feel? When taken in high doses Kratom gives off an effect similar to weak oral morphine. It can give a sight stimulating feeling or a calm sedated feeling depending on the dosage and strain. These two factors make a big difference in the actual effects that are felt. It is important to note that regardless of the dosage, kratom does not give much of a “high”.

follow link The majority of people use kratom for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Some head shops have been selling it for a legal herbal high which has given it an extremely bad rap in the media. These types of vendors are only thinking about the money and selling kratom beside a host dangerous synthetic chemicals that have killed people in the past. This is not ethical or welcome amongst the kratom community. It is best to boycott these types of vendors and ask them to remove kratom as a product – stick to known online trusted sellers. This herb is not a synthetic drug and should not even be considered a “high”.

Горячий Ключ купить Снег A Kratom “high” is extremely subtle and some people say they hardly feel any effects at all. People who are prone to chronic pain are more likely to feel the pleasant effects as it can dull pain without largely affecting cognitive functioning or giving them a “high”. Like stated, it is a very subtle herb; it won’t make you hallucinate or go into psychosis. It can have a subtle calming effect that can slightly alter energy and mood levels without impairing you to the same level like other drugs or alcohol do.

go site Many hardcore opiate drug users (many who started their habit from being prescribed pain pills) have suggested that kratom is a great substance to wean themselves off of their current drug(s) of abuse. This is because it leaves a very subtle feeling that may help these addicts feel somewhat normal by alleviating some of the horrible physical and psychological effects associated with withdrawing from synthetic opiate drugs. There are thousands of success stories about how many former drug addicts have used kratom as a tool to kick these horrible habits and get their (and their families) lives back.


Елец гдк эльта So in the end, kratom is not a drug to get high off of. We don’t see it as much of a recreational substance. Sure, it can enhance mood but so can a cup of coffee or a cigarette. When you compare its sociological effects to other legal drugs like alcohol and pain pills, it really doesn’t seem to compare. The point is that this is a medicinal plant that has a very bad rap in the media. This website is dedicated to spreading the word about kratom. Our articles are not biased as we do also show the cautionary sides of the plant. In our eyes, moderation is the key when using anything therapeutically. As with any medicine or substance, it should be treated with care and used responsibly to receive the therapeutic benefits.

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